Wordpress Web Scraper: Is It Better Than Qscraper And Scrapes? – Semalt Review

WordPress Web Scraper is one of the best and most useful data extractors on the internet. It is easy-to-implement, has a user-friendly interface, and is compatible with all WordPress websites and blogs. You can use this plugin to display real-time data from any site directly into your pages, sidebar, and posts. WordPress Web Scraper caches the content on your website easily and can be used to include the real-time stock quotes, soccer or cricket scores or another generic content from the public domains.

Web scraping is the practice of extracting content from the internet and using it on your own website. With WordPress Web Scraper, you can easily scrape useful content from your competitor's sites and can improve the search engine rankings of your own blog or website.

The Amazing Features And Options Of Wordpress Web Scraper:

Once installed and activated, WordPress Web Scraper helps you extract data easily. Some of its distinctive options are custom template tags, text widgets and shortcodes in pages, sidebar, and posts. Plus, it facilitates the users with different query content -- CSS Selectors, Regex and XPath. Configurable caching of scraped content is possible with this service.

Moreover, WordPress Web Scraper has configurable default settings such as user-agent timeout, caching, and error handling.

1. QScraper:

QScraper is an alternative to Wordpress Web Scraper. It is mainly used to scrape information Twitter, Facebook and dynamic websites. You can use this plugin to find tweets or Facebook pages of specific users and can export the data to JSON and CSV formats. One of the most prominent features of this plugin is that you can scrape information from PDF and HTML files too and can store, display or analyze data as per your requirements.

2. Scrapes:

Scrapes allows you to extract data from different sites in multiple ways. You can scrape content from the single web page, different pages, or the RSS feeds. It is best known as a visual data scraper and copies content from different sites and blogs to your own website with just a few clicks. Scrapes is easy-to-use, is designed for interactive user experience and doesn't require any programming knowledge or coding skills.

The Best Option For Your Website Or Blog:

Undoubtedly, WordPress Web Scraper is far better than Scrapes and QScraper. Exemplary uses of this plugin are online price comparison, content mash-up, web data integration, weather data monitoring, and market data tracking. Unfortunately, the other two plugins don't provide all these services and have limited number of options and features. The conversion of dynamic content to readable data is only possible with WordPress Web Scraper. You can also use this tool to create scraped pages on the fly using its advanced options. However, all these plugins help optimize your site and make the web crawling process easier and faster. With these amazing plugins, you don't need APIs which require registrations and can lower the loading speed of your site. In addition, you can easily retrieve data from the internet and display it in real-time on your posts, sidebar and web pages.

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